BFTW_2014-Community-SMUltimately, we build relationships through communication.

 Certified B Corporation, Cage Free Productions was born out of our mission to create impactful media that promotes social justice, human rights, and sustainability. We provide a unique and powerful service to individuals and organizations worldwide by developing powerful multimedia solutions that build trust.

To achieve this, we walk you through the steps of pre-production (branding, strategy, media relations, storyboarding, research, copy writing), production (marketing materials, location, filming, interviews), post-production (sound, design, websites, editing, graphic design), and distribution (campaigns, crowd funding, e-publishing, multi-channel delivery & analytics). Our unique strategy is built on a culture of Innovation, ethical Certification & a powerful Community.cage free productions free consultation arrow




Our culture of creativity inspires engaging multi-platform experiences.  Positioned at the intersection of academia, multimedia production, and social innovation helped us develop a culture of incubation for change makers and social businesses. Unique and holistic in our approach we translate jargon and metrics into impact using cutting-edge technologies. From video e-book production to unprecedented crowd-funding success, our team of professionals is ready to undertake any visual communications project. Explore our portfolio and view Innovative Projects.



Certified B Corporation since 2013, we help lead the global movement to redefine business by meeting rigorous standards of “social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.”  We serve the social companies and devoted organizations supporting the triple bottom line – People, Planet, Profit. Oh, and we aren’t alone either. Cage Free Productions is one of 842 B Corporations  in 27 Countries serving  60 Industries, all focused on 1 Unifying Goal. Learn more about Certified B Corporations.



We set out to not only support change-makers, but to be one.  We believe it takes both large foundations and grassroots movements to achieve the change we seek.  Over the years we’ve developed media strategies and crowd funding success with social entrepreneurs and commercial companies alike. We’ve built brand recognition for international foundations and NGOs through storytelling and management innovation. We serve the companies and organizations creating real change. Come join us through our  Seasonal Networking Newsletter.

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